Monday, February 4, 2013

Pierre Bonnard

Les Cascades à Grasse

Ciel d’orage sur Cannes (Detail)

Pasture with Blue Trees


Jeune femme au chapeau bleu


Le Cannet Landscape

Jardin Vu De La Terrasse

Les pins, bord de mer

Vetheuil, 1902

 Woman Removing Her Shirt, circa 1905

The Garden in the Snow, Sunset, circa 1910

Sailboat on the Quay, circa 1911

Evening Landscape, 1912

Arbre jaune, le clos au grand lemps, 1913

Landscape, Green Harmony, circa 1915

Girl in Blue, with a Rose, circa 1916

Anemones, 1917

Girl in a White Robe, 1918

House among Trees (1918)

Bathing Woman, Seen from the Back, c.1919

The Port of Cannes, 1920

Landscape in Normady, 1920

Bords de la Seine, 1921

Landscape, circa 1921

Pierre Bonnard -Vers le cannet sous la neige (1927)

Marine Scene, Cannes 1923

Saint-Tropez Landscape, circa 1928

Landscape, 1935

Paysage au Cannet, 1938

Sunset, 1939


Landscape with Mountain

Le Bois De Boulogne

Coup de soleil (La terrasse de ‘Ma roulotte’ à Vernonnet)

Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) 

A French painter and printmaker, Pierre Bonnard was a post-impressionist, and founding member of the avant-garde group Les Nabis. Bonnard lived an uneventful childhood, and entered into the University of Paris in 1996 to study law. One year later, he enrolled in the Academie Julian, a liberal Parisian art school, where he met Paul Serusier, Mauris Denis, Henri Ibels, and Paul Ransom. The five friends, all of similar artistic inclination, joined together to form Les Nabis, a group of avant-garde post-impressionist painters.

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