Saturday, July 13, 2013

One for each artist - part III

If you like, see also "One for each artist" part II  and   part I

Jill Mackie  - Winchester Autumn, oil on panel
credits: zenithgallery

Stephen Dinsmore - Light of Day

 Stephen Dinsmore - Cattle, Free Range

Frona Farelly - Village in Blue

Robert Dente - Hill Top Gap

Fritz Bange

Simon Stooks - Winter Shadows

Simon Stooks - Solitaire

Sigrid Schauman - Park

Violet  Tengberg (b.1920) “Forest-Vision”

Sir Charles John Holmes - Whernside, 1917

Paul Basilius Barth - House at the Sea (Brittany), 1948

Eugène Galien Laloue - Soirée en Normandie

Léopold Survage (French, 1879-1968), Femme sur la plage, 1930
Oil on canvas, 33 x 41 cm

Albrecht Schnider  - Landschaft

Alex Diamond - Two edged mud climb, Watercolor

Charles François Daubigny

Ivan Shiskin - Study for the Painting ‘Noon in the Vicinity of Moscow'

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