Sunday, July 24, 2016

Evert Taube

Evert Taube - Motiv från Skagen (1919)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vue de Cassis (Views of Cassis)

 André Derain
Vue de Cassis, 1907. Oil on canvas, 54 x 65.1 cm.

 Charles Camoin
Harbour of Cassis with Two Tartanes, ca. 1905

 Francis Picabia (1879-1953)
Paysage à Cassis, 1911–12

Roderic o’Connor - Le cap canaille Cassis

Robert Lewis Reid

Opal - 1895

Lake Lucerne as seen by two artists

 Joseph Mallord William Turner
Lake Lucerne the Bay of Uri from Above Brunnen, ca.1844

Lovis Corinth
Lake Lucerne Afternoon

Olivier Rouault

L'arrière port (Le Tréport), acrylique sur toile

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George Clausen

Jan van Huysum (1682 - 1749)

 Flower Study of a Poppy

Jan van Huysum, also spelled Huijsum (15 April 1682 – 8 February 1749), was a Dutch painter.

Nicolas Tarkhoff (Russian-French, 1871 - 1930)

Nicolas Tarkhoff (Russian-French, 1871 - 1930)

The sun with rainbow, 1905, Oil on cardboard, 76 x 105 сm

Isaac Levitan (Russia 1860-1900)

Isaac Levitan (Russia 1860-1900)

Work through 1892 Yurievets. Gloomy Day on the Volga (1890) 
oil on canvas The Museum of History and Art, Serpukhov, Russia