Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pierre Bonard, part 2

Seated Nude, Bent Leg c. 1909

Paysage de montagne, 1912 
at Kunstmuseum Winterthur Switzerland

La Seine (1930)

If you like Bonnard, here much more paintings,

A Belgian artist: Richard Heintz

Cascade de Coo

Temps venteux

Le Vésuve vu de Sorrente

Richard Heintz, né le 25 octobre 1871 à Herstal, et mort le 26 mai 1929 à Sy (commune de Ferrières), est un peintre impressionniste belge.
C'est le grand peintre paysagiste du massif ardennais : il peut être considéré comme l'un des artistes liégeois les plus importants de sa génération.
"Je ne vis que pour peindre cette si belle et si difficile nature; n'est-ce point là ma seule raison d'être?" Richard Heintz, 1915.

Fred Ingrams

Storm coming over Methwold Fen, Oct 2013, Acrylic on panel

Swans, Black Ditch Level, The Fens

Barns next to Middle Drove, April 2015

credits: www.fredingrams

Herbert Brandl

Herbert Brandl (Austrian, b.1959) - Untitled, 2007

Thage Nordholm

Thage Nordholm (1927-90) - Rallarros

Frederic Edwin Church

Sky at Sunset, Jamaica, West Indies 1865

Ridges in the Blue Mountains, Jamaica (1865)

Off Iceberg, Newfoundland (1859)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Robert Daughters

Robert Daughters (1929-2013)

Late Morning Las Trampas

Alfons Walde

Alfons Walde (Austria 1891-1958)

Landschaft in Tirol, gouache and watercolour on paper

François Gall

François Gall (1912–1987) was a Hungarian painter.


Portrait of a Young Girl (n.d.), oil on cardboard 28 x 23 cm

People by the Seine, 1974

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dreama Tolle Perry, A Walk on the Milky Way

Dreama Tolle Perry - A Walk on the Milky Way

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Banks of a River

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (July 16, 1796 – February 22, 1875) was a French landscape painter and printmaker in etching. Corot was the leading painter of the Barbizon school of France in the mid-nineteenth century. He is a pivotal figure in landscape painting and his vast output simultaneously references the Neo-Classical tradition and anticipates the plein-air innovations of Impressionism (from wikipedia).

Rudolf Schlichter

Frau mit Kravatte, 1923

Rudolf Schlichter (or Rudolph Schlichter) (December 6, 1890 – May 3, 1955) was a German artist and one of the most important representatives of the Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) movement (from wikipedia)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Raphaël Chanterou

Les Vagues 1920

Tullio Crali

Boats on the Canal 1950s

Tullio Crali (born in Igalo, 1910 – died in Milan, 5 August 2000) was an Italian artist associated with Futurism. A self-taught painter, he was a late adherent to the movement, not joining until 1929. He is noted for realistic paintings that combine "speed, aerial mechanisation and the mechanics of aerial warfare", though in a long career he painted in other styles as well.

Manierre Dawson

The Struggle 1912

Manierre Dawson (December 22, 1887, Chicago, Illinois- August 15, 1969, Sarasota, Florida) was a painter and sculptor born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but lived most of his life in Michigan. A precocious and ceaseless experimenter, Dawson independently developed stylistic and material innovations that rivaled his most progressive contemporaries (from wikipedia). 

Sergei Osipov

Early Green, 1982

Randall David Tipton

Undersea , water media on yupo

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Catalan Modernism

Joaquin Mir Trinxet - Ermita de Sant Joan. Vilanova, Oil on Canvas

Juaquin Mir Trinxet (1873 – 1940) was a Catalan Spanish artist. Living through a turbulent time in the history of his native Barcelona, he was known by the color of his paintings. They helped to define the Catalan art movement known as modernisme.
from wikipedia

Lyrical landscapes: Fyodor Vasilyev

Dawn in St. Petersburg, 1870

Fyodor Alexandrovich Vasilyev (Russian: Фёдор Александрович Васильев, 1850 – 1873) was a Russian landscape painter who introduced the lyrical landscape style in Russian art.

from wikipedia

John Francis Murphy

October Mist

John Francis Murphy (December 11, 1853 – January 30, 1921) was an American landscape painter. (from wikipedia)

Wassily Kandinsky, part II

If you, like me, appreciate Wassily Kandinsky, see Part I on this blog

Rapallo Grauer Day, 1905

Rapallo - The Bay, 1906

Lake Starnberg 1908

Der Blaue Berg 1909

Cemetery and Vicarage in Kochel, 1909

Winter Landscape 1909

Wassily Kandinsky - Autumn Landscape, 1911


Tor Bjurström


Summer Idyll

Boat by the Coast

Coastal Landscape

Landscape by the Sea, West-Coast