Thursday, February 28, 2013

Italian Impressionism: Giuseppe De Nittis

Giuseppe De Nittis (Italian, 1846 – 1884)

L'avvicinarsi del temporale, 1868

Landscape Study (1875)

Westminster Bridge, 1878

Foggy day in London

Moon Night, 1882

Ora tranquilla, 1874

Nuvole sul mare, 1883

La Parfumerie Violet

Return from the Races


Nude with Red Stockings

Giuseppe De Nittis (February 25, 1846 – August 12, 1884) was an Italian painter whose work merges the styles of Salon art and Impressionism. De Nittis was born in Barletta, where he first studied under Giovanni Battista Calò. After being expelled in 1863 from the Instituto di Belle Arti in Naples for insubordination, he launched his career with the exhibition of two paintings at the 1864 Neapolitan Promotrice. De Nittis came into contact with some of the artists known as the Macchiaioli, becoming friends with Telemaco Signorini, and exhibiting in Florence. (source: wikipedia)

Italian Impressionism: Federico Zandomeneghi

Federico Zandomeneghi, The Tree

source: wikipedia

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Edgar Alwin Payne, an American Western landscape painter

Summer Cloud. Oil on Canvas 20 x 24

Sailboats at Anchor. Oil on canvas

Laguna Hills. Oil on canvas. 12 x 16 in

Red Mesa, Monument Valley

Snow-covered Peaks. Oil on Canvas. 20 x 24 inches

Swiss Village Scene. Oil on Canvas

Laguna Beach Coast, 1911

Sardine Boats, c. 1923
Oil on Canvas (40.64 x 50.8 cm)

Breton Tuna Boats, Concarneau, France, c. 1924
Oil on Canvas 40 x 50 in

Riviera Landscape. Oil on canvasboard

Edgar Alwin Payne (1 March 1883 – 8 April 1947) was an American Western landscape painter and muralist.
 source: WIKIPEDIA

Monet, Poplars and Water Lilies

Pioppi in Autunno (coll. privata)

The Pavé de Chailly, 1865

The Business Harbor, 1874

The Small Arm of the Seine at Mosseaux, Evening, 1878

The frost, 1885

Poplars on the Epte, 1891

Poplars on the Epte, 1891

This is a work from Monet’s celebrated series of poplar paintings made between the spring and autumn of 1891, the year after he had settled in Giverny. He used a boat as a floating studio and captured beautifully the shimmering effects of sunlight on water. The trees were ready to be sold for timber, but Monet, in partnership with a timber merchant, bought the trees at auction so that he could continue painting them.

Maison de pêcheur au Petit Ailly


Path in the Forest, 1865

The Sheltered Path, 1873

The Road Bridge at Argenteuil, 1874

La Promenade d’Argenteuil, un soir d’hiver, 1875

Sunset on the Seine at Lavacourt, Winter Effect 1880

The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil, 1881 (detail)

Palm Tree at Bordighera, 1884

Rowing boat on the Seine at Jeufosse, 1884

Anemones and Tulips in a Blue Vase, 1885

Étretat, the Manneporte at Low Tide circa 1885

Antibes, 1888

Champ d’avoine (Oat Field), 1890 (cropped)

The Seine at Port-Villez, 1894

La Seine à Port-Villez, 1894

Claude Monet - Houses in the Snow, Norway (1895)

Claude Monet - Mount Kolsaas, 1895

Islands at Port-Villez, 1897

La Baie de Monaco