Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wolf Kahn - from 2000 to today

New Suburb, 2001

Single Tree (Against Blue), 2001

White Sky 2002

Barn Behind a Thicket, 2003

Fall Orange, 2004 Oil on Canvas

House in a Haze, 2005

Weathered, 2007 Oil on canvas 28 x 32 inches

Agitated, 2009

Pale Accents, 2009

White Facade Behind a Hill, 2009

Derived From A “Late Evening” Pastel, 2009, oil on canvas

Pale Yellow Strand of Trees, 2010, oil on canvas

Woodland Chaos, 2010

Green Saturation, 2011

Pond off Barrow Road, 2011

Barns in Perspective, 2012

Wolf Kahn - Barns in West Chesterfield, 2012

“Eighty percent of painting is color,” says Wolf Kahn, quoting his mentor Hans Hofmann. “The problem,” he cautions, “is that when you mention color, people automatically assume you’re talking about bright color–colorful, loud, or boisterous hues. Color used in an uncontrolled way, without proper concern for the tone and structure of a painting, comes across as garish.”