Monday, March 11, 2013

Danish Expressionism: Oluf Høst

Oluf Høst (1884–1966), a Danish Expressionist painter
Evening, 1930

 A night in May, 1935
The dying of a winter’s day, 1943

Oluf Høst - Orion and Light Skies 1956

Oluf Høst (1884–1966) was a Danish Expressionist painter, the only member of the Bornholm school who was a native Bornholmer. Although he studied in Copenhagen, he returned to the Danish island of Bornholm in 1929 where he remained with his family for the rest of his life. Bognemark, a little farmhouse near Gudhjem, was one of Høst's favourite motifs. From 1935 on, he painted the farm some 200 times under varying conditions at different times of the year, often reflecting his particular mood at the time. His home in Gudhjem, built from two fishermen's cottages with a rocky garden in the rear, is named "Norresân" after the nearby harbour, Nørresand Havn, where he painted many of his works.
source: wikipedia

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