Sunday, April 14, 2013

One for each artist, part II

if you like, see also  part I  and  part III

Robert Harms - White Lilies

Konstantinos Maleas (Greek 1879-1928), The Port of Rhodes

John Blair Anderson [1945-1997] The Lock Masters House, Boston

John Evans - California Beach

Herman Maril (1908 - 1986) The Bay

Robert Roth - Landscape

Caroline Havers, Autumnal Samphire

Judith Gérard Ericsson - Molard, Fleurs et porcelain

Allan P Friedlander, Cool Grass

Doug West

Daniel W. Pinkham, Molins - November Effect

Arthur Percy - The Cemetery in Cagnes, France

Christine Bowen, The Courthouse Roses

Christine Lafuente, Crocus in a Glass, 2008

Ernst Eitner - “Blossoming Parkland”

Francesco Fanelli, Primeiras flores (1899)

Edward Arthur Walton (1860-1922) - Haymaking a Moments Respite, oil on canvas

Karen Silve

Peter G Hall - Mountain Stream, Sunnyside

Z. Z. Wei

Z. Z. Wei

Henri Moret - The Dunes near Egmond in Holland, 1900