Sunday, April 14, 2013

One for each artist, part II

if you like, see also  part I  and  part III

Robert Harms - White Lilies

Konstantinos Maleas (Greek 1879-1928), The Port of Rhodes

John Blair Anderson [1945-1997] The Lock Masters House, Boston

John Evans - California Beach

Herman Maril (1908 - 1986) The Bay

Robert Roth - Landscape

Caroline Havers, Autumnal Samphire

Judith Gérard Ericsson - Molard, Fleurs et porcelain

Allan P Friedlander, Cool Grass

Doug West

Daniel W. Pinkham, Molins - November Effect

Arthur Percy - The Cemetery in Cagnes, France

Christine Bowen, The Courthouse Roses

Christine Lafuente, Crocus in a Glass, 2008

Ernst Eitner - “Blossoming Parkland”

Francesco Fanelli, Primeiras flores (1899)

Edward Arthur Walton (1860-1922) - Haymaking a Moments Respite, oil on canvas

Karen Silve

Peter G Hall - Mountain Stream, Sunnyside

Z. Z. Wei

Z. Z. Wei

Henri Moret - The Dunes near Egmond in Holland, 1900


  1. wonderful wonderful. all about color, light and gesture. thanks!

    how do you find these and get to put them on your site?


  2. Hermosa colección de obras! Gracias.