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Pierre-Aguste Renoir


Paysage de Cagnes

Vue du Cannet

The Harvesters, 1873

Landscape with Snow, c1875


A Waitress at Duval’s Restaurant  c. 1875

Path through the High Grass - circa 1876

The Banks of the Seine at Champrosay, oil on canvas, 1876

Young Girl Sleeping, 1880

On the Cliffs, 1880 (oil on canvas)

The Jardin d’Essai in Algiers, 1882

Fog on Guernsey Brouillard a Guernsey, 1883

Coucher de soleil à Douarnenez, Painted in Douarnenez, circa 1883

Vase of flowers (c.1884)

 Les hauteurs de Trouville, circa 1885

Landscape near Essoyes (1892)

Sleeping Woman, 1897

 Bather with Blonde Hair, 1906

View of the Seacoast near Wargemont in Normandy


Doges Palace, Venice

Landscape at Cagnes

Autumn Landscape


Venice fog

A Garden in Montmartre



Algerian Landscape, Ravine of the Wild Woman 
(a suburb of Algiers)


La Moisson

Pierre Bonnard - Auguste et Jean Renoir (ca 1916)

Jean, son of Auguste Renoir, is shown here in army uniform for the war (1914-18); he will make his anti-war famous movie, La grande Illusion, in 1937.
This photo also shows how handicapped Auguste Renoir was in his last years; he will paint until his death (in 1919), his paintbrushes tied to his hand.

Matisse on Renoir
Renoir’s nature, through his modesty as well as his confidence in life, once the effort was made, allowed him to reveal himself with all the generosity in his being, which remained undiminished by afterthoughts. Viewing his work lets us see an artist who has been blessed with the greatest gifts, who has had the gratitute to respect them.
- Henri Matisse, written for the catalogue of a French art exhibition in Oslo, 1918 (the year before Renoir died).

credits: WikiPaintings, a great resource for art lovers

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