Monday, January 28, 2013

American realism: Robert Henri

Robert Henri (American, 1865 – 1929)

The Beach, Concarneau (1899)

The Rain Clouds (Paris), 1902

Ship in the Bay, circa 1903

Rough Seas Near Lobster Point (1903)

Segovia, Spain (1906)

Evening Sky

West Coast of Ireland, 1913

Betalo Nude, 1916, Milwaukee Museum of Art, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mata Moana

Bernadita (1926)

Robert Henri (24 June 1865 – 12 July 1929) was an American painter and teacher. He was a leading figure of the Ashcan School of American realism and an organizer of the group known as "The Eight," a loose association of artists who protested the restrictive exhibition practices of the powerful, conservative National Academy of Design.
source: wikipedia

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