Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jules Marie Auguste Leroux, women and mirrors (3)

The mirror (1910)

Auguste Leroux was a great success as an illustrator of works by authors such as Giacomo CasanovaJoris-Karl HuysmansHonoré de BalzacGustave FlaubertStendhal and Anatole France. These editions are highly prized by bibliophiles. A skilled lithographer, he worked with the greatest engravers of his time including Gusman, Eugene Decisy, Raoul Serres, Florian and Perrichon. His first works were full of symbolism and art nouveau mixed with many references to mythological and allegorical subjects. His later works show greater academic rigor and an obvious fascination for the female anatomy. They are now sought after by fans, especially his portraits and his ballerinas. Recently, several paintings by Auguste Leroux were sold on the market following the public sale of his studio by his descendants.