Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gogi Chagelishvili

Gogi Chagelishvili - Untitled 2012

Ghagelishvili's paintings are impulsive and very expressive. His brush rhythm sometimes feels lazy as if he is making fun of the authors who are trying to show off their technique. On his canvas he often deliberately leaves the casual contours, marked with a pencil that you can see under the paint and transforms his picture into a figurative element.

Chagelishvili is an artist in search of the lost space in his landscapes, where nature is not an accessory, decoration or background, but rather a part of history, a grand melody with a "voice of silence." All of a sudden the landscape motive becomes an abstraction. His color gamut is very rich and diverse and one can't help but being delighted with his paintings.
credit: grant gallery