Friday, December 27, 2013


Alfredo Protti - La maschietta, 1920

Francisco Soria Aedo - Pepita (1929)

Juan Gris - Man in a Café (1912)

Ivan Kliun (Иван Клюнков Russian 1873–1943)
The clockmaker, c. 1914.  Oil on canvas, 78 x 58 cm

Ivan Kliun - Ozonizer, 1914
Oil on canvas. 75 x 66 cm

Ivan Kliun was one of the first followers of Kazimir Malevich and perhaps his most stoic confederate. Kliun defines Ozonizer more precisely in the catalogue of the Tramcar V exhibition as a “portable electric ventilator.”

Aleksandr Rodchenko (Russian, 1891-1956)
Composition, 1918

Alexander Rodchenko - Footballer
Oil on canvas, 82 x 55.5 cm.

Alexander Rodchenko - “We” costume design for an Chansonette, 1920

Karl Hofer - Die Tiller-Girls 1927

Franco Gentilini - Nudo Disteso 1929

Franco Gentilini (Faenza (Ravenna), 1909 – Rome, 1981) was an Italian painter.
He worked as a ceramist in Faenza and collaborated with Giovanni Romagnoli and Giorgio Morandi in Bologna. He took part in numerous editions of the Venice Biennale, beginning with the acceptance of his work for the 17th Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Città di Venezia in 1930, when he also visited Paris. More on wikipedia.

Theo van DOESBURG - The Archer 1919