Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Norway’s greatest colourist: Thore Heramb

Thore Heramb  (Norwegian, 1916) 

Grantrær på Jæren

Hjørne i hagen

Composition 1964, 1964

Thore Heramb is considered Norway’s greatest colourist.
As a young man arriving in Paris, Thore Heramb’s dilemma was how to reconcile the intricate, spatially-fragmented constructions of the Cubists led by Picasso, with the Fauves’ delicious preoccupation with pure colour used arbitrarily for emotional and decorative effect. Taught by two of Matisse’s pupils, the question of balance between form and colour has driven the fascinating evolution of Heramb’s art over seven decades.

credits: sueprideaux