Friday, December 27, 2013

Winifred Nicholson

Window Sill, Lugano 1923

The Hunter’s Moon, 1955

Glimpse Upon Waking, 1976

Winifred Nicholson (21 December 1893 – 5 March 1981) was an English painter, a colourist who developed a personalized impressionistic style that concentrated on domestic subjects and landscapes. In her work, the two motifs are often combined in a view out of a window, featuring flowers in a vase or a jug.
She painted prolifically throughout her life, largely at home but also on trips to Greece and Scotland, among other places. Many of her works are still in private collections, but a number are in the Kettle's Yard art gallery, Cambridge, and several key works belong to Tate. One painting is believed to have hung at 10 Downing Street.