Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kees Van Dongen

Paris, Le Pont des Arts

The Mill (Le Moulin), ND , Gouache and aquarelle; Galerie Thomas, Germany

White Horse

Delfshaven circa 1898

Trouville, the Sea (also known as Trouville, the Sea, Grey Weatehr), 1904

Sheaf Binders (also known as Gleaners at Chailly-en Bière), 1905

Femme Fatale, 1905

Haystacks (also known as Clouds or Summer), 1905

Lailla, 1908

Kees von Dongen - Maria (1910)

Bas Bleus c. 1913, oil on canvas

The Corn Poppy, 1919



Bather with yellow cap, 1920

Cérès . Oil on canvas, 65 x 54 cm.

Hindu Dancer

La Femme au Béret, 1936

Cornelis Theodorus Maria van Dongen (1877 – 1968), usually known as Kees van Dongen or just Van Dongen, was a Dutch painter and one of the Fauves. He gained a reputation for his sensuous, at times garish, portraits. Kees van Dongen was born in Delfshaven, then on the outskirts, and today a borough, of Rotterdam. He was the second of four children in a middle-class family. In 1892, at age 16, Kees van Dongen started his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam, working with J. Striening and J.G. Heyberg. During this period from 1892 to 1897, van Dongen frequented the Red Quarter seaport area, where he drew scenes of sailors and prostitutes. He met Augusta Preitinger at the Academy, a fellow painter.
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Brigitte Bardot and Kees von Dongen (1954)