Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tor Falcon (7)

Red Poplars and Cricket Bat Willows. Sept 2009

Nettles, Cricket Bat Willows, Poplars, June 2011

Docks, Willow Herb, July 2011
Oil on canvas 100x100cm

Tufted Vetch, August 2012

Scentless Mayweed, Late August Morning 2012

George’s Lake, March, Wind

Hedgerow Hips and Oak, December

Irene’s Cove, Evvoia, May

Rape, Gorse, Poplars, April

Born in 1968, Tor went to Norwich School of Art. Inspired by the landscape in general and plants in particular she records the landscape change day by day, from season to season and year to year. The many drawings and paintings she does have become an intimate study of the natural world around her.
However, not only interested in recording facts; she loves the texture of paint, colour, shape and pattern on a flat surface. Taking what she is looking at and pushing a shape, for instance, or a colour, as far forward as she can so the painting becomes something of it's own. Prompted by a plant or a colour or a shape. It's usually the unexpectedness or the symmetry of a particular plant or combination of plants within a landscape that start a painting.
She lives in Norfolk with her husband and three children. And spends far too much time cooking
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