Saturday, March 9, 2013

William Littlewood


Edge of the Wood (End of the Year)

 Seated Nude


William Littlewood (1893-1985) was an artist and illustrator in the realist style. He was born in Scarborough, where he was brought up by an aunt. William studied art at evening classes at the local art school where he was taught by Albert Strange and Richard E. Clarke. During the day he worked for an architect, and later a printer. When WW1 broke out he joined the Queen Alexandra`s Own Regiment and saw most of his contemporaries killed in action. After the war he set up an advertising agency with two friends. Littlewood had a weak heart, and in 1936 was forced to retire to Berkshire with his wife. Having worked as a government cartographer during WW2, subsequently he worked as a freelance artist, especially of children`s classics, which were renowned for their attention to accuracy and detail. Littlewood showed at the Royal Academy and the RBA, but in general was reluctant to show his work. However in 1989 Scarborough Art gallery had a retrospective of his work (they hold 15 of his works). The artist Katie Sowter (b.1944) is his daughter.

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