Saturday, February 23, 2013

American artists

Alfred R. Mitchell (1888-1972)

Alfred R. Mitchell - Quiet Sea (La Jolla Cliffs). Oil on Canvas.16 x 20

One of San Diego's most important artists, Alfred Mitchell prospected for gold and drove a stage coach in Nevada before coming to San Diego in 1909. He first studied under Maurice Braun before heading east to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. After his academic training and a tour of Europe on scholarship he returned to San Diego in 1920 and stayed here for the rest of his life. The "Dean of San Diego Artists", Mitchell was the co-founder of the La Jolla Art Association and an influential teacher in addition to his acclaim as a painter. For more information on Mitchell you can see Memories of Alfred R. Mitchell

Alfred Henry Maurer

Rockaway Beach with Pier 1901

Landscape, 1916-1918

Two Heads, 1929

Alfred Henry Maurer - Paris, Nocturne

Alfred Henry Maurer (April 21, 1868 – August 4, 1932) was an American modernist painter. He exhibited his work in avant-garde circles internationally and in New York City during the early twentieth century. 
Highly respected today, his work met with little critical or commercial success in his lifetime, and he died, a suicide, at the age of sixty-four.

William Herbert Dunton

William Herbert Dunton, Composition for ‘Sunset in the Foothills’
OIl on canvas, 16 x 20

William Herbert Dunton - Desert Sunset

William Herbert "Buck" Dunton (28 August 1878 – 18 March 1936) was an American artist and a founding member of the Taos Society of Artists. He is noted for paintings of cowboys, New Mexico, and the American Southwest.

Nora Speyer

Dead Limbs on Patience Brook

Clarence Hinkle (1880-1960)

Clarence Hinkle, Victoria Beach, 1920
Oil on Canvas, 26 x 30 (66 x 76.2 cm)

Fremont Ellis (1897-1985)

Fremont Ellis, Old Santa Anna Pueblo (1973)

The Summer Rain

Fremont Ellis, California Coast

Fremont Ellis, Peaceful Valley

Fremont Ellis, The Beachcombers

Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson - Eventide, 2002

Jane Wilson - Yesterday’s Clouds, 2010

William Partridge Burpee

William Partridge Burpee, Atlas Mountains, Biskra

Charles Harold Davis (1856-1933)

Charles Harold Davis, Clouds after Storm, c. 1900

Charles Harold Davis - Twilight over Plum Island and the Parker River, 1887
oil on canvas

Daniel Putnam Brinley (1879-1963)

Daniel Putnam Brinley, Norwalk

Hayley Lever

Eugene Paprocki

Pam Sheehan

Bean Hollow, Pescadero, California 2010

Mel Adamson

Mel Adamson, Studio View

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