Saturday, February 23, 2013

One for each artist - part I

Here is just a series of pictures of artists that I like, one picture for each artist.
If you like, see also part II and part III

Otakar Lebeda (Czech) 1877-1901. Grainfield

Hugo Simson - South of France, 1939

Åke Laurén (1879 - 1951) View over the Lake (1945)

E Phillips Fox - Heidelberg (circa 1895-1900)
Emanuel Phillips Fox (1865–1915) was an Australian Impressionist painter.

Sergei Kovalenko (contemporary Ukrainian) - Autumn Amber

Panagiotis Tetsis (Greek, born 1925) View of Hydra

Tina Vanbiervliet (1974, Belgian), View of Busbeke

Ying Li - Montecastello, Passing Moon (2005)

Stephen Mitchell

Christian Krohg - Interior, View of the Garden

Arne Isacsson - Landscape

Bernard Buffet, Red Dahlias (1962)

Petr Konchalovsky - Trees by a Lake, 1921

Petr Konchalovsky (1876-1956) - Smoking Chimneys

Reinhold Kündig (Swiss 1888-1984) - Aufziehendes Unwetter

Reinhold Kündig

Reinhold Kündig - Im Garten des Künstlers

Aldro Hibbard (1886 - 1972) Winter in Vermont. 
Oil on Canvas

Aldro Hibbard - West River Valley

Jan Mankes - Twee Roosjes in Glas, 1912

Carel Weight - Ladbroke Square, Early Morning

Vicente Romero Redondo

James Bolivar Manson - Night Scene (1900)

François Dubeau, Les Liens Affectifs

Le Pho (Vietnam, 1907-2001) - Fleurs

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