Friday, February 8, 2013

Swedish Artists, part II

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Antti Favén (1882-1948) Morning in Helsinki

Gerhard Wihlborg (Swedish 1897 - 1982)

Bo Larsson (b. 1945) - Motif from Skeppsbron (Stockholm)

Hans Larsson (1915-1973)
“Solnedgång Skåne” Sunset in Skåne (Southern Sweden)

Hans Larsson - Open Window

Arne Aspelin - Houses in Winter Landscape

Bruno Liljefors - Landscape

Bruno Andreas Liljefors (1860–1939) was a Swedish artist, the most important and probably the most influential wildlife painter of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He also drew some sequential picture stories, making him one of the early Swedish comic creators.


Carl Wilhelmson (1866-1928) - Red sail

Carl Wilhelmson - In the Harbour

Gideon Börje (1891-1965) - Northern Landscape

Gustaf Fjaestad - Landscape with Stream and Mountain

Per Ekström (1844-1935) Coastal view in haze

Richard Björklund - Evening at the Harbour

Richard Björklund - Sunset, Haväng

Richard Björklund - Winter Gray in the Harbor

Gunnar Larson - The Road

 Gunnar Larson

Eugène Fredrik Jansson - Sunrise over the City

Eugène Fredrik Jansson - Hornsgatan, 1902

Eugène Fredrik Jansson - Twilight over Riddarfjarden

Sven Deurell - Landscape

Thorvald Erichsen - Landscape

Gertrud Wieselgren  - Norwegian fjord meadow

Nils-Göran Brunner - Landscape

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