Friday, February 8, 2013

German Expressionism: Christian Rohlfs

Christian Rohlfs (German, 1849 – 1938)

Street in Weimar, 1889

Sunny Houses, 1894

Winter Landscape, 1900

Upper Weimar Landscape, 1904

St. Patrokli in Soest, 1906

Birch Forest, 1907

Buchen im Herbst, 1910

Dorf (Village), 1913

City Gate in Dinkelsbühl, 1924

Late Chrysanthemums, 1925

Rote Tulpen, 1926

Poinsettia, 1929

Stormy Sea at Night, 1932

Berge Am See 1935

Mount Tamaro in Winter, 1935

Buchen im Herbst

Interior Forest in Autumn

Tree in Autumn

Christian Rohlfs (November 22, 1849 – January 8, 1938) was a German painter, one of the important representatives of German expressionism.
He was born in Gross Niendorf, Kreis Segeberg in Northern Germany. Rohlfs was over 50 years old when he started to paint in the new expressionist style. In 1937 his works were confiscated by the Nazis as degenerate art; he was forbidden to paint and excluded from the "Prussian Academy of Arts" in Berlin. He died in Hagen,Westfalia, Germany.

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