Friday, February 8, 2013

Inge Schiöler, part II


Flowering Meadow, 1963

Landscape from Koster, 1963

Inge Schiöler - Summer House in Sunshine


Bridge at Koster

Flowering Meadow by the Bay, Koster

 Coastal Landscape

Boat by the Bridge, West-Coast

Path to the Sea - Koster


View over Öddö

Early Spring, Pastel

Red Cliffs

Red Haired Model

Inge Schiöler was born in Strömstad 1908 and is regarded as one of the greatest lyrical colour composing painters in Sweden. Inge started his art training at the College of Art and Design and then proceeded to the Valand High School of Art both in Gothenburg.
After his studies Inge worked as a mess-room waiter, did his military service and visited Paris and Spain. In October 1932 he had his first one man exhibition at the Swedish-French gallery in Stockholm. During the years 1933 – 1960 Inge was treated at S:t Jörgens Mental Hospital and experienced periods of no interest in art at all. Inbetween he painted with chalk or watercolour on whatever he could find, such as toilet paper and cards. About two hundred of these drawings and paintings have been saved. At this time the family built him a cottage on the island of Koster in the Strömstad archipelago. In the year of 1960 Inge was treated by a new medicine, which rapidly improved his health and after that he did not need any further treatment at the hospital.

In February 1968 Inge showed seventy paintings from the period 1944-1967 at the Artists House in Stockholm. Inge died in mars 1971. In 1972 the Gothenburg Art Museum held a memorial exhibition of Inge Schiöler and a richly illustrated book of his life and art was produced with text by Nils Ryndel, a renowned art expert.
credit: davidsandum
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