Friday, February 8, 2013

Max Slevogt, a German Impressionist painter

Max Slevogt (German, 1868-1932)

Dachau Moor, 1894, huile sur carton

Self-Portrait, 1894

Female Nude from the Back, 1905

Sailboats on the Alster River in the Evening, 1905

 Autumn Forest, 1906

Landscape at Godramstein - Clouds Passing, 1910

 Spring in the Palatinate, 1910

 Heide und Bäume 1910

The Country House in Godramstein (West Side), 1911

 Garden Steps in Neukastel, 1916

Grape Harvest at Neukastel - 1916

Landschaftsskizze bei Neukastel, 1920

Sunny corner of a garden (1921)


  Early Autumn in the Palatinate - Vineyards near Neukastel , 1927

The Artist’s Children in the Garden

Max Slevogt (October 8, 1868 – September 20, 1932) was a German Impressionist painter and illustrator, best known for his landscapes. He was, together with Lovis Corinth and Max Liebermann, one of the foremost representatives in Germany of the plein air style.
Source: wikipedia, for Max Slevogt's pictures, see also http://impressionistsgallery