Monday, February 4, 2013

Giovanni Giacometti, Winter

Giovanni Giacometti (Swiss, 1868 – 1933) 

Camargue, s.d

La maternité, 1908

Under the Elder Tree, 1911

 Frühling im Bergell [Spring in Bergell], 1912

Stampa in the Fall, circa 1912

 Pensive Girl, 1913

Theodora,  1914

Waldweg, 1917

 House and road at Capolago,1921

Am Cavlocciosee, 1921

Winter landscape near Maloja, 1925

Morning Light On The Silsersee

Silsersee with view of Maloja


Winter landscape in Maloja

Giovanni Giacometti (7 March 1868 – 25 June 1933) was a Swiss painter. He was the father of artists Alberto and Diego Giacometti and architect Bruno Giacometti.

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