Friday, February 1, 2013

German Expressionism: Hermann Max Pechstein

Flusslandschaft Um, 1907

Bridge over the Seine with Small Steamer, 1908

Hermann Max Pechstein - The Masked Woman, 1910

Melting Snow 1912

Charterhouse of Florence (1913)

Monterosso al mare

Lotte mit Kopftuch  - Lotte Wearing a Headscarf (1919) 
oil on canvas 88 x 62.5 cm

Portrait of a Woman, 1922

Bauernhuser mit Getreidefeld in Leba, 1922

The Sea Landscape (Meereslandschaft), 1924

Herbstabend (1927)

Cold Morning  (1927)

Autumn Sea , 1933

White Cloud (1949) oil on canvas 70 x 80 cm

Zerfallenes Haus

Südfranzösische Landschaft

Casas rojas

Girl in Red with a Parasol

Early Morning

Hauling the Boats

Hermann Max Pechstein (December 31, 1881 – June 29, 1955) was a German expressionist painter and printmaker, and a member of the Die Brücke group.
Beginning in 1933, Pechstein was vilified by the Nazis because of his art. 326 of his paintings were removed from German museums. 16 of his works were displayed in the Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) exhibition of 1937. During this time, Pechstein went into seclusion in rural Pomerania.